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Bout of Books – Day 4

When we got home from Bangkok, I felt like I was home from a holiday. I know I literally was, but it was a nice feeling considering how long it took to settle here. The bus journey was epically long, too long, but it was great once we finally rolled into Roi-Et and saw familiar places. Going to Robinsons, and then big C on Sunday was a return to the familiar too, even though we’ve only been to Robinson’s once before. 

When we were cooking on Sunday, the neighbour in the bungalow next door brought us some traditional Thai food. I have literally no idea what it was, it could have been anything, but it was a nice gesture as  he realised we were home. Even going back to school, and being in school, has made me realise how much I do actually like it there. I don’t think I could stay there for the long term, but I really like it there.

All this has made me realise that I will be sad to leave. It won’t make me change my plans, it won’t even make me think about thinking about changing my plans, but I will miss a lot of things from here. Our little bungalows really has become home, even with the slightly dodgy toilet, and the ants, and school has become part of me these past couple of months. Everyone is asking whether I am staying for next year, and I am beating round the bush as much as possible to avoid telling them I am leaving.

Anyway enough moaning about how things come to an end, on with the books.


7am: Reminiscing over our adventures and the past couple of months over my coco-pops has made me think how even Bout of Books is ending. OK, I am getting ahead of myself, but today is the middle point, the half-way stage, it’s all down hill from here. With that in mind, I need to get reading. I’m just under half-way through the pages I proposed reading, so I am sort of on track, but would like to have a big day today. We’ll see.

2:30pm: Oops, I have lost time today. A lot of it. I have taught four lessons, been to a monks offering, posted a parcel home, and of course, read. I don’t know why I have acted  like I don’t know where the time has gone, I started,  and finished, Out of the Blue by Belinda Jones  and read 2 chapters of Order of the Phoenix. So it’s been a good reading day.

I have come. to the worrying realization that reading Harry Potter may have slowed my reading pace. I love Harry Potter but reading this time has felt different. Am i getting to old? Is the magic (pun intended) wearing off? Have I read it too fast?

Yes, that must be it. I’m so eager to finish it that I haven’t appreciated it at the speed I’ve read it. Phew.

4:30pm: I’ve read a further 75  pages of Order of the Phoenix, I’m on the way to do laundry and  I’ve been  asked to help on children’s day.  I’m back!

10pm: I haven’t read much more, mainly because I cooked fajitas for tea. I love Mexican food, and it’s the first time we have been able to cook any while living in Thailand. It was as good as I hoped, and to add to the awesomeness we stuck (albeit just the beginning) of Lord of the Rings on.

I’ve also been having a TBR dilemma, wondering whether it would be cheating to add a new book onto my TBR because I don’t fancy reading one that’s on there now as I have finished the Belinda Jones book?

11:30pm: I did it, what the hell, it’s my TBR. If I want to add something to it I’m going to because that’s the point right, to read?! I’ve stuck I Love Capri by Belinda Jones because I liked the other one, and because Jade liked it so much she has wanted to go to Capri since the first time she read it.


Today’s first challenge comes courtesy of Christina Marie at Lulo Fangirl.

It’s a bit of a toughy, and an absolute belter, once again. The synopsis of a book is almost as important as the cover in making reader’s open its pages. A synopsis can make or break a book, I have chosen books based solely on the few lines on the back many a time.

So the challenge to create a synopsis for a Bout of Books read from my TBR is really difficult. I’d do Harry Potter,  but to be honest, nothing I say can ever make it seem better than it is. I don’t want to put the strangeos who haven’t read it off it.

That leaves, for me, Live and Let Die, Out of the Blue, and Pop Goes the Weasel.  As I have only read Out of the Blue from this list, I don’t feel I am in a position to write as good a blurb as I could about the other two, but the book is distinctly less exciting and adventurous than the other two. It’s a difficult decision.

Live and let Die it is:

Undercover voodoo specialist and soviet spy Mr Big.

Handsome, charismatic British spy James Bond.

A secret pirate’s treasure.

What more could you want?

How is your week going? Are you progressing like you hoped you would, or have you been too engrossed in the pages to leave them behind?

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