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The 140 character film review – The good and the bad

In our free time at school, we tend to fill our time reading, writing our journals, and attempting to stay awake in new and inventive ways. TV shows take up more of our watching time after school and at the weekends, but we are gearing up for a Christmas movie watching week starting tomorrow, so I thought I would make sure I reviewed the films we have seen in the past couple of weeks.

The films we have watched recently have been polar opposites in terms of quality, hence the title of this post. I think we’re striking a good balance between quality and rubbish movies and TV, hopefully continuing over the festive period. The third Hobbit film was shown in English at our local cinema, so we celebrated my birthday, on Jade’s, by going to see it; which meant I had to re-watch the others and Jade had to watch them for the first time. It’s made me want to re-watch Lord of the Rings, again.

Here we go:

Vampire Academy: Fairly poorly cast and acted, almost unwatchable and not a patch on the book, with Sherwood and Deutch the only vague saving graces

The Host: Entertaining, rainy, fresh-faced movie for any lazy day, good interpretation of the better Meyer book, surprisingly good.

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey: Well cast, acted, and produced Jackson interpretation once again, but felt very dragged out. Nice inclusion of LOTR favourites

The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug: A stupid dragon voice but otherwise classic adventure driven film, still dragged out, but with more purpose than part 1. So much gold!

The Hobbit The Battle of the Five Armies: What it says on the tin, with a silly love story, lots of fire, and gravity defying hair. Not so great in 3D, too fake and ridiculous

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