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The 140 character book review – This is a tad embarrassing

I would love to say that the books that I am reading have improved in quality. Don’t get me wrong, two have, and I am really pleased I have finally got round to reading the Millennium trilogy, but some are downright embarrassing, and I 100% blame Jade. If she had not told me about them, put them on my nook, made me read them, and then watch the appalling film, then I would have stopped after book 1.

The school days have contained more free-time of late (yes, even more than I already had) because lessons were shortened. The students had to practice dance routines for the King’s birthday celebratory Success Party, so that meant I had more reading time. So in the past couple of weeks I’ve read 8 books, and I have two on the go as I type, I’ll review them next time though.

Here we are:

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (The Millennium Trilogy: Book 1) Stieg Larsson: A slow starter but intelligent and entertaining once it gets going. The characters are rich and diverse, well worth the wait

The Girl who Played with Fire (The Millennium Trilogy: Book 2) Stieg Larsson: Not as good as no.1 but a solid read, well continued with some interesting additions. The series is still highly addictive

Vampire Academy (Vampire Academy: Book 1) Richelle Mead: Fairly poorly written with an annoying central character and no sense of time, but strangely addictive to the point I didn’t put it down

Frostbite (Vampire Academy: Book 2) Richelle Mead: The timeline has become more unbelievable, as has the biology, but a refreshingly sarcastic character inclusion has saved the day

Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy: Book 3) Richelle Mead: Less talking and more doing. I like it. Getting rid of good characters and introducing annoying ones is a bad move. Just as it was improving

Blood Promise (Vampire Academy: Book 4) Richelle Mead: Way too long stuck in backstop Siberia with nobodies. Apart from those 200-odd pages, quite good, with less of the annoying lead

Spirit Bound (Vampire Academy: Book 5) Richelle Mead: The age-gap and love story is so unbelievable that I’ll route for it, and the love triangle with Ivashkov. I’m going to see it through.

Last Sacrifice (Vampire Academy: Book 6) Richelle Mead: Much more exciting with the best characters prominently placed. The best book to round off an adequate? series. Better than Twilight

I’m planning to finish The Millennium Trilogy soon, and complete the Bloodlines series (the follow up to Vampire Academy) in the nest few days/weeks, depending on free time.

What are you reading at the moment?

4 thoughts on “The 140 character book review – This is a tad embarrassing”

  1. I have read both series, I’m embarrassed to say! I think I gave up on Vampire Academy after a couple of books tho, um oops? If I recall correctly they were taking a character (whose name I forget but it began with a D) in a direction I hated so I couldn’t bear to read any more haha. They were mildly entertaining tho so I can’t fault them on that.

    I hope you enjoy the Millenium series. I still have about half of book 3 to finish and it’s been that way for over a year – the 1st is definitely the strongest and I loved it when I read it. Might be due a re-read in fact.


  2. I am guessing you mean Dimitri the Russian God? Yeah I didn’t like that either, but I got passed it and it picked up in relation to him. Yeah they’re rubbish but addictive.

    Yeah I am about a third of the way through it, but I have to read it online as I don’t have a nook copy, so can’t read it in school 😦 The first is awesome, not sure I’d be able to re-read it, I struggle to re-read crime books!!


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