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Observing the madness

As you know, I am currently teaching in Thailand. If you don’t know, where have you been and what have you been reading?! AYC, the company that employs Jade and I, sent the dreaded ‘we’re coming to observe your lesson’ this weekend. Of course they said they would turn up on my busiest day – Tuesday – when I have no time to sit and talk to them. Well, they said they were coming on Tuesday, then rocked up a day early.

In the first week of teaching I was nervous going into every lesson. Now, I barely register that I will be standing in front of the students/making a fool of myself singing…you get the idea. When I walked into school this morning, I went to inform my school that AYC would be popping in tomorrow. They stopped me and said they had a call saying they would be in today. Wonderful. At least my Monday has some of my best classes and I will have time to talk and gain feedback.

Or so I thought. It turns out Prathom are in exams this week, and today I am only timetabled to teach Prathom 3. Yep, you might have already guessed, I wasn’t actually supposed to be teaching today, on the day when AYC turned up for a teaching observation. The school decided they would just take my normal afternoon class out of their exam when AYC arrived so I could teach them. I’m not happy about it at all, it’s not fair on the students, especially when it was AYC who changed their minds.

Anyway, once in there, the class were better behaved than normal, and I barely registered the fact that the AYC guys were even there. Well aside from the fact they videoed the entire thing. The most annoying bit about that is the fact they now have video of me singing – they could blackmail me with that one day! The class were much more receptive than normal, answered the questions, read the sentences, and were enthusiastic, which does not happen every week let me tell you. Maybe they were told to be on their best behaviour for the observation as well. Either way I am not complaining.

Once my shortened, off-timetable lesson was done, I left the classroom, and they stayed behind to ask the students a few questions. When they left the classroom, they asked a few questions about the school and how I was getting on, but offered no feedback. Instead of waiting round, they unfortunately had to race off to observe Jade’s class Luckily hers went well and they gave her feedback there and then. I hope mine went well, I didn’t think it went badly.

Bleurgh, at least it is out of the way, no worrying tonight, or for Jade’s birthday, or Christmas. And it looks like our visas will be cleared as well. Awesome.

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