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The 140 character TV show review – I blame Netflix

Netflix. What did we do without Netflix? How did I procrastinate? What did I watch? Netflix is the sole reason I have watched as many epsiodes of TV shows and seen as many films as I have. Gone are the days of watchig things on the TV at home, gone are the days of LoveFilm sending DVD’s to your house (LoveFilm really need to catch up!), it’s just all about Netflix.

When the adverts for Netflix first graced TV shows I was very skeptical. It was a good advertising campaign though, because I wanted a go of the free trial. That was 3 years ago, ish, maybe longer. I had it for a month or two, but felt like I had exhausted all the things I could ever want to watch on there, and that it wasn’t going to be worth paying for more than one month. So I got rid of it, and after a while, gave LoveFilm a whirl, which just did not compare one bit.

I went back to Netflix last year in my final year of University, and I have never looked back. Since I last had a go, the choice has grown exponentially, now there are even shows produced to be shown on Netflix exclusively (House of Cards and Orange is the New Black being the big ones.) And yes, I have become addicted to one of them – more about that later.

Here are the shows that I would never have watched and become addicted to without the help of Netflix:

Prison Break – Addictive, crazy, thought through genius that becomes a tad convoluted and distinctly less believable as the show progresses

Covert Affairs – Great premise and good characters, not the best, but very watchable and thoroughly enjoyable, Auggie Anderson and Eyal Levin steal the show

Gossip Girl – Not as brilliant as The OC, but a beauty, bitch, and big apple fuelled show that kept me hooked, ish, a bit too trivial at times

Orange is the New Black – Refreshing, feminist, honest, entertaining, comedic, tragic. There aren’t enough adjectives or characters. Simply superb.

Criminal Minds – There’s a reason it’s had 10 seasons and 200 episodes. Intelligent, real drama with brilliant characters that have been there right through

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