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Missing home, or loving the new life?

Just in case you are new here, or really haven’t been paying attention to anything I have previously written, I am currently living away from home. In Roi-Et, Thailand no less. It’s only for 5 months, while I complete a semester of TEFL English teaching in a primary school here, but it is the filling in a mega travel sandwich that will see me travel around the world for a total of 11 months.

11 months away from home. That’s a long time.

I think I may have experienced homesickness for the first time this week. It came on Friday morning, for about an hour, and I was in a foul mood. There was no real reason for me to be in that mood. I had gone to be a little late, so I was quite tired, but that was about it. We had managed to celebrate Thanksgiving, which was a really good evening with friends, so I should have woken up in a good mood. Instead, I felt deflated, and everything was annoying me.

Later in the day, I realised I was thinking ‘if I was at home this would be easier/possible’ etc, and I guessed that the rubbish hour or so was the firs bit of homesickness I’ve felt. It was strange, and went pretty fast, and hasn’t returned, so I don’t think it’s going to be an issue. I always thought between my birthday and Christmas would be when it hit, because there are so many family and friends orientated things during this time, and there are so many good TV shows airing on TV. Yes, I did mention those two things in the same sentences.

I thought, in honour of this homesick event that I would make a list of things I am missing about home, and things I am not missing at all

I miss…..

  1. Friends
  2. Family
  3. Liverpool
  4. An Oven
  5. A microwave
  6. Glasses (glass cups)
  7. Drinking tap water
  8. The radio
  9. Cheese
  10. A sofa
  11. Bug-spray free skin
  12. Jumpers
  13. Berries
  14. Football
  15. TV programmes airing at a conventional time
  16. Internet shopping
  17. Free transaction ATM’s
  18. Reliable internet
  19. English Speakers
  20. The dishwasher
  21. Chocolate (without the non-melt chemical addition)
  22. Road safety
  23. Choice (in TV programmes, food, everything.)
  24. Non-whitening moisturiser/make-up
  25. Bread

I don’t miss….

  1. Rain
  2. Umbrellas
  3. The cold
  4. Coats
  5. Gloves
  6. Expensive, well, everything
  7. Fallen leaves
  8. UK fanta orange
  9. Stairs
  10. High taxes
  11. Waiting for a bus
  12. Trousers
  13. English money
  14. Weather forecasts

Things I will miss about Thailand….

  1. 7/11, everywhere, at anytime
  2. Tuk Tuks
  3. Beaches
  4. Temples
  5. Sleeper Trains
  6. Friendly people
  7. Good Cheap Food
  8. The Sun
  9. The heat
  10. Good tropical fruit
  11. Mirinda
  12. Est
  13. Amusing and imaginative nicknames
  14. Affordable, and good, massages
  15. No traffic violations
  16. Low cost of living
  17. Relaxed attitude to life

There is so much to love and miss when you travel, I guess you have to take the good with the bad, eh?


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