The 140 Character Film Review – Travels Galore

There were too many films to review on one blog post, so I decided to separate the films between two posts. Sorry guys! We have watched quite a few more films than I had realised over the past 2 months (ahh, 2 months already) in addition to all the TV episodes we watched. I’m not remotely sorry, the past 2 months have been awesome.

But enough of the chatting, here are the other film reviews for the other movies I have watched:

Bolt: Distinctly mediocre, decent premise but irritating voice actors, not one of Disney’s finest, or worst

Frozen: Over-hyped but return to the Disney greats. Bit players outshine the main characters gloriously, great soundtrack, a new animated fave!

Hercules: A guilty Disney favourite, ridiculous and brilliant, with voice actors playing themselves to glorious effect. What a bunch of tunes too!

Maleficent: More preferable to the Disney classic. Jolie is back to her best and more likeable than Aurora, properly enjoyable, a great surprise!

The Hunger Games: Female heroine: check, refreshing story: check, fights to the death: check, fresh new talent: check. What more could you want? Loved it
The Hunger Games Catching Fire: Solid sequel, better than the book. The cinematography is spectacular, the film darker, the story weaker but still full of action and crazy

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