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The 140 character Film Review – Introduction

I decided last week that I was going to start writing reviews on all the books I read and so I thought, during the five hours I had free sitting at my desk today, that I could go further and review films I watch as well. It is quite frankly ridiculous to try and review all the films I have ever seen in the same way it was ridiculous to try and review all the books I’ve ever read, so I start at the same place as I did with the books, with what I have seen since my travels began.

I haven’t watched as many films as I have read books since I left the UK, I blame good TV. But here goes:
The Amazing Spiderman 2: Electrifying, literally, a little too knowingly witty and nerdy, but spiderman at his not Maguire finest. A decent chapter in superheroville
What’s Your Number?: Silly, funny, attractive, charming; that’s just Chris Evans. A go-to relaxing and refreshing ‘romantic’ (in a way) comedy.
Bad Neighbours: Sometimes hilarious and constantly ridiculous, full of generation gaps and remarks we all know and love to laugh at. Tries a bit hard
Lying to be Perfect: Moral story, nice idea, but poorly acted, woefully executed. Simply not worth the time it takes to watch
Chalet Girl: I want to go skiing, preferably with Ed Westwick. More charming and watchable than I should admit to. Warm and cosy,
Gone Girl: Clever, crazy, characterful, but with a more holey narrative. Odd casting but well acted none-the-less. Probably a one time watch, but good.

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