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The 140 character book review – Catch-up

I have read so many books in recent times, that I have decided to split the reviews over two posts. Partly because I can only cope with posts being so long, partly so readers can actually search for the review of the book they want if they actually feel like it (please, feel like it!!) and also because I can see my blog post number rise (I know, how sad).

As I was doing a second post, and committing to the idea, I though I would back track a bit further to the ‘Bout fo Books’ time, to review the reads that I challenged myself to way back in August (was that when Bout of Books was, I don’t even know?!?).

So here goes (again):

High Rise J G Ballard: Good idea, well written, not my cup of tea. Too strange and outlandish, but intellectually stimulating and thought provoking

Crash J G Ballard: Cracking candidate for psych ward admission. Ridiculous, gratuitous cods-wallop. I wish I could unread. A chore to finish

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Stephen ChboskyEpistolary style is not for me, nor stylised content. Music loving hipsters unaware of Bowie, pfft. Uneventfully irritating.

Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen: I thought I’d hate it, I actually quite liked it, despite the lack of action, tension, well…anything. A romantic classic for a reason

Me Before You Jojo Moyes:  Slightly overly romantic, surprisingly sad read, with a predictable yet challenging ending, the perfect book for a sun lounger.

Sunlounger reads Belinda Jones and co.Poorly written, lacking in plot, substance and character progression. The perfect cure for insomnia and annoying taxi drivers

I read such an assortment of books. I have always known this, I mean I will give pretty much anything a go if I am handed a book, but seeing the literature I have read recent really does make me realise how I dabble  across genres with regularity.

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