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TBR? What TBR?

Guys, I am in complete denial that I ever decided to try and keep up to date with a TBR whilst travelling. It was a bit of a lost cause from the beginning really, let’s be honest. Not that I haven’t been reading, I’ve shifted through the pages on the long bus journeys, it’s just they weren’t really the books I planned to read. So, as fast as I decided TBR’s were the best way to read, I have decided that they’re not for me. 

So far, since I left the UK, I have read a few books and short stories of incredibly varying quality. I’ve never been quite as glad as I have been on this holiday that I sold out and bought an e-reader. Considering the fact I have no room in my bags for the stuff I managed to bring with me, how on Earth would I have fitted in books on top?

Gone Girl: It’s all the rage right now. Everyone seems to be reading about it, or watching the Hollywood movie. I wanted to read it before I left home based on my good friend Emma’s recommendation, and Mairéad had a copy on the tour, so it seemed like a good decision. I am not quite sure what I thought about it. The twist was reasonably obvious, but the book is pretty well-written, and the characters are, well, pretty awesome. The film was good, I saw it in a Thai cinema! Some films are shown with their English soundtrack and Thai subtitles (like this) so we thought we would treat ourselves to a visit after moving in. The film didn’t quite hold together as well as the book did, but it was very true to the novel. That said, I’m glad I read the book first.

The Delirium Trilogy: I am guessing most people will not have heard of these books. They’re of the Hunger Games, Divergent dystopian style, but not actually like either of them really. I’ve only read the first two, I desperately want to read the third, but Jade only had the first 2 on her e-reader. They’re better written, in my opinion, than either of the more well known trilogies, and they have a better storyline. If you liked either of THG or Divergent, I’d well advise reading them!

Hound of the Baskervilles: I have been meaning to read this for years. Literally. You have probably realised if you have read any of my other posts on books, that I love Sherlock Holmes, and so this has been a pipe-line read since I studied for my GCSE’s (that feels painfully long ago.) It was good, don’t get me wrong, I just preferred the short stories. It just wasn’t quite what I expected it to be.

Me before You: Jade told me to read this to test whether I can feel/have any form of emotional reaction to a fictional scenario. Apparently the answer was no to both. Yes, it was quite sad, no it wasn’t brilliant, yes I thought the ending was the right one. Apparently these are no the right reactions according to her or the internet. Oh well. I am content in my life of watching films/TV and reading books without shedding tears.

Sunlounger series: This collection of short stories is made, funnily enough, for sunlounger reading, and having read them whilst travelling, I’d suggest reading them nowhere else. They a) make you want to be on holiday b) make you annoyed because they are too short, therefore c) perfect for the time spent on a sunlounger between lotioning and having a dip in the sea, and d) are so poorly written in the most part that being anywhere else other than a sunlounger will stop you having the ability to read them. I feel like I have ranted enough, because they were a good length to last while uncomfortable on a bus, or before bed.

I think I will be doing a lot of reading, and watching of TV programs and movies, over the next few months. Hopefully.

That and learning Thai.

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