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Roi-Et: Home Sweet Home?

Roi-Et is a city located in Roi-Et province in the North-East region of Thailand more commonly known as Issan. It’s situated nearish the Laos and Cambodian borders, and is a fairly big city within the area. It has an airport and a river, shopping malls and a cineplex. It’s not Bangkok, but it has everything you could need. We have our own little Bungalow a couple of miles outside of the hustle and bustle of the city centre. It has A/C, it’s detached, it’s located right by Jade’s school.

Sounds perfect, right?

It’s taken me a while (well, within the week we have been here) to vaguely settle here. I really didn’t like it at first, and was even looking at alternatives to leave Thailand last week. I don’t think I was ever seriously thinking about packing it in without giving it a go, but seeing people’s statuses about leaving, and quitting, and going travelling instead was making me want to join them.

The place we’re staying in is lovely. Now. When we first arrived in Roi-Et, Wit from AYC (the company we teach for) introduced us to our school, some fellow teachers, and with their help, showed us a few places that we could call home. Only one floated our boat, the idea of having more than one room was essential for us, so a little detached bungalow seemed perfect. And it had free wifi. And it was cheap. What more could we want?

The first night, the internet was rubbish, we discovered ants everywhere, we realised just how far we were stuck out of town with no way to get in, and the electricity went off at 8pm. No-one wants that, and I was thoroughly miserable. How could the place that had seemed so great just a couple of hours before seem so ghastly now. A quick phone call, and an awkward conversation with our landlord through the AYC guys later, we knew we could get out of the contract and find somewhere better to live. Yes, they may be willing to give me a lift to work everyday, and yes it might only be a 20min walk to Big C, but I just don’t like it.

The teachers turned up once again to help us look, and after showing us somewhere else, we decided to see if they could fix the issues in the first place, rather than move. This, if Jade and I do say so ourselves, was a master plan. The teachers overcame the language barrier with the landlords (they are very lovely people, they just don’t speak a word of English, and our Thai is pitiful) and they agreed to fix all our problems.

Two days alter, a router was fitted to our house, so now we have fast and reliable internet. It’s actually seriously good access, better than we have had anywhere else on the tour, possibly even quicker than I get at home! The electricity no longer goes off at night, which is great. We have a fridge, which they provided. The ants are still bold and keep appearing int he most random of places, but the thorough ant killing mission we went on armed with shoes and spray seems to have reduced the numbers in/around our little bungalow significantly. The shower is pretty high pressure, and the teachers have sorted our laundry situation out, so we now have someone who does our washing, drying, and ironing two times a week. Very useful indeed.

Now as we have committed to living here, we have begun to decorate and make the place our own. Moving in has helped a lot, all my stuff is away and has a place, and I feel a bit more settled into one location. We have bought sets of drawers, a table and chairs, a water boiler, and a toaster, which provided many laughs for us and the tuk tuk driver who managed to get us and all of our purchases home in one piece.

We don’t start teaching for another 3/4 days – planning has been enough this week. They’re done and submitted. Maybe I will love it, maybe I will hate it, I’m just glad we’ve got somewhere quite nice to come home to now. One of the guys who was unconfirmed at the orientation has found a job in Roi-Et and has moved here to, so we will no someone else here. He has even agreed to give us motorbike lessons, I’m not sure he realises what he has let himself in for to be honest!

2 thoughts on “Roi-Et: Home Sweet Home?”

  1. For being in the area of Thailand that it is, Roi Et is a cool little town. Some good historical sites in the surrounding province, and the local museum is certainly worth a look. There’s also deep fried rat in the night market if you are feeling adventurous for dinner.

    As for the ants, there’s a clean neon green plastic ant trap sold at Big C that holds poison pellets the ants bring back to their nests. Lay a few of these around your place and you’ll be rid of them in no time.


    1. We are definitely going to have a look around the town and see the sights soon! I’m not so sure about deep-fried rate, we’ll see.

      As for the ant trap, we need to get one of those sharpish, sounds just like what we need, thanks!


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