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A slow boat to the wild west

Man was it an early get up today. I got a great night’s sleep under my princess pink mosquito net on the strangers floor (no joke, a really good sleep) but still wasn’t ready for Jade’s alarm or the light-bulb switching on. They get up with the roosters here, how quaint, and it is so simple. In some ways I envy them, the simplicity of everything they do. And only another 11 hours on the slow boat, how bad can it be?!

Breakfast always has flipping bananas, and it is going my nut in. I shouldn’t complain as it’s included and I can eat fine, but I am seriously sick of them now. Oh well. Breakfast wasn’t sparkling today, but then how can it be on a boat in the middle of the Mekong. I am just being irritated by everything though today. My hip hurts, I’m already bored, and there is a long way to go. I am planning to read the end of Me Before You, on Jade’s advice, and do some more blogging.

It didn’t take long to complete the book, which I thought was sad, but not as upsetting as expected. I guess I am just a bit impervious to tear-jerkers. Puzzles aren’t holding my attention, music isn’t, and neither is blogging. At least I am getting up to date. And lunch is provided. Working down the time to food seems to be the only incentive to do anything today.

A few people (well everyone) has been catching up on their journals, which makes sense. Mine is more of a ruin it however you feel like project, so I had less to write. I wanted to jump on the bandwagon of getting everyone to sign it and write a message, a few kindly completed a few tasks. I can’t believe everything is nearly over! 😦 I will miss the guys a lot.

Border patrols and passages are a scary business, especially when you rely on it for the next 5 months employment. This one is possibly the worst of the whole trip so far. When we left the boat, and struggled up the hill, we got into big tuk tuks and made our way to the border and friendship bridge. Jade and I went through first, and got the necessary dates for our future stay. I can’t believe we are already back in Thailand. It will be nice to see the north a little bit.

Well, until I saw Chiang Rai. It looked like a wild west town, and not in a good way. The guest house was horrible, unclean, bug ridden. Oh well.  We have done well. No internet, well properly working internet, was a bummer too. There is something horrible about getting told there is wifi, but it not working. I’m trying my best not to act spoilt though! We went for dinner at a place on the river, where Lek surprised us with Chinese lanterns. We had been waiting to do them since the river in Phnom Penh. Such a nice gesture, and a nice thing to do as a group so close the end.

I think the early night was a good decision. The bug spray we bought was too. It’s needed here!

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