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Not Again….

When I woke up this morning, I felt rotten. Sore throat, blocked nose, headache. Why do I always seem to get sick when I visit exciting countries. There has been a fluey cold going round, so I am guessing is is just that. I decided to go and lay down while the others wandered into town, and I had no interest in the tailor made shops that Hoi An is renowned for. I think the snooze was much needed.

I decided today that I would also avoid the activity, cycling through the countryside and taking part in local activities sounded fun, but I need to start saving my money, and as I felt so rough, I thought it wasn’t the best idea. Plus, cave rappling is tomorrow, and I want to be fit and healthy for that!!

I slept on and off all day, I think it was needed considering the light-headedness and all round sickly feeling. I also had a quick look, and dunk in the pool. It is by far the nicest and  cleanest that we have had so far. Well, the whole hotel is probably the nicest we have had so far, very glad we are here for 2 nights. We have a spare bed, which has been useful to unpack and repack my bag!

Jade and I have had a collection of distinctly unimpressive views from our hotel rooms. In hindsight, we should have taken photographs of everyone, but we didn’t, so instead, I shall rant here. The first hotel, no window; second hotel, a glass building and a car park; third hotel, a roof; fourth hotel, the lift; fifth hotel, a rubbish tip (we could see the sea however, so this might have been the best so far); sixth hotel, no window; seventh hotel, a storage cupboard; eighth hotel, more rooftops. The homestay was windowless, but that was understandable considering the location. The best views may have been from the sleeper train, and that was moving, and dark.

In the evening, we checked out a local restaurant. Everyone who went cycling returned and seemed to have had a great time. I am a bit gutted I didn’t go, but it was for the best financially and health wise. A few people were having fittings for their tailor-made dresses. A lot of them seemed unhappy when they returned, just got to hope that they like the finished article!

That rest day was needed, let’s abseil down some caves tomorrow.

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