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As clear as mud

The 5am wake-up call was a tad unpleasant, but I did get a decent (well as decent as can be expected) night sleep. When we left the station, we were just 5 minutes from the hotel. It was good to have a short commute for once! Once we got to the hotel, we buddied up to share hotel rooms while the rest were being prepared. Some people wandered to the beach to get breakfast, some people had a nap, we went for breakfast at the hotel, because it was cheap, and then checked the beach out.

Nha Trang is beautiful, stunning beaches, islands out to see, clear water. It is a proper beach-side town. There are Russians everywhere. After looking around, we came to the conclusion that it is the Russian Malaga. Nha Trang had many options for additional tours and relaxing, so it wasn’t as much about deciding whether or not to go on a tour as about deciding which one. All of the girls decided that we fancied the mud bath spa.

It was a good decision. The place was lovely and tranquil, and had big pools that we could all sit in together. We looked like (ladylike and elegant and non-swine like) pigs rolling in the mud. We had pouring buckets and could just sit and chill whilst covering ourselves in the mud that was filling the tub. The only problem – the stuff seemed to reproduce everywhere when we tried to shower and remove it afterwards. I think it must have doubled in volume whilst it was on us. Definitely worth it though. Afterwards, we relaxed in a hot bath pool, I think I might have turned to jelly. My skin has never felt so soft either. I guess that is the point though.

Once we were done, there were a multitude of jets to walk through, and then a few mineral pools to relax in by a waterfall. The whole place was well worth the money to visit, and I think we all needed it. It was nice to have sun-cream and bug spray free skin for a while! Once we returned, Jade managed to speak to her brother, who told us to just do things and make the most of our time here. As much as we were doing, this was the extra incentive to think about what we were doing tomorrow, and not just chill in the beach, as nice as that sounded.

Lara introduced Jade and I to this new card game. It didn’t involve a normal deck of cards, it was a special set just for the game. It was really competitive and tactical, so of course I loved it. I need to see if we get it in the UK or if it is just a Suiss thing. Nha Trang, as a beach resort, had more pricey restaurants then we were hoping for, so we opted to stroll through the night market and dine at a street food café. Between the snaking for dinner on the night train, and eating at street food establishments, I think I am starting to crave a proper sit down meal. Well, that is a lie, I am starting to miss cooking, or at least making, my own food. Eating out all the time is tiring, and pricey, and not what I like to do.

I think the sleeper train sleep, and the eating out has made me a bit irritable. We haven’t done anything really travelling related in a couple of days, or had any time to ourselves (I love the group, it’s not their fault or anything, I just think that when you don’t know people THAT well – we have got to know one another – spending all day everyday together is not always the best idea to keep the spirits of the entire group up). We decided we want to do another boat trip tomorrow. Blame Marc! We also saw a sign in the lobby saying that sunrise over the islands and the beach at Nha Trang was beautiful, so in a real YOLO moment, Jade, Lara, and I decided we would get up to see it.

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