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A little bit of chaos

I have absolutely loved Cambodia,  if the rest of the tour is this good it will be a brilliant 30 days.  Everywhere else has got an awful lot to live up to.  Today we’re off to Vietnam,  which means the monster 10 hr bus journey,  another border crossing,  and the first home stay.

I’m getting semi used to these 6am starts (we can pretend that no sleeping occurs on bus journeys) and I’m starting to get used to the mega bus journeys.  Don’t get me wrong if I could avoid them I would but,  we can’t,  so they’re too be tolerated. There was a little bit of room on the bus from sihanoukville to the border. The road from sihanoukville was no smoother than the road there.

The day’s  border crossing was where the fun began. It just wouldn’t be a border crossing without a bit of drama. Last time it was the queues and the guy taking his sweet time. This time, Sally had a mis-dated visa. She had been sent an incorrect itinerary, which meant when she counted the days for her vietnam visa entry date, she got 1st Oct instead of 27th Sept. There was a bit of a panic on everyone’s parts; but Lek managed to agree a bribe? Payoff? I don’t know the technical term, but we got her through for $50, which wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

The next bus was luxury in comparison to most others, we all got at least two seats.  Jade managed to get the whole back seat to sleep on,  lucky her! The next bit flew by, considering it was 6 hours to the homestay. As we cross the borders between countries you can immediately see a difference.  Ignorantly I thought they’d be very similar.

We arrived at the homestay as the sun was setting, and with the risk of sounding like my dad,  it was a real picture moment.  The whole area was really beautiful, very basic,  but beautiful.  We had avs quick tie around the plantations and fish farms and said nursery,  it was interesting to see how they lived.  We also had traditional food,  which we assisted in the cooking of.  It was the best meal so far I think. I am really liking the did here.

There was a lot of open airwave and seats to chill and relax as a group, which was nice because we often all go to different rooms and spend less time together, unless were out drinking. Afterwards, I climbed and secured myself into a mosquito net; quite an experience. Only 1 bite though! Result.

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