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It’s gonna be a bumpy ride

After yesterday’s exciting adventures, experiences, and escapades, a lie-in was needed to recover. While that was welcomed, some of the group’s hangovers were not! Luckily, no big activities were planned to go on. Unluckily, there was a 7hr bus journey from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh.

To say some Cambodian roads are bumpy is an injustice to bumps. There were pot holes the size of cars, and rocks that were nothing short of boulders. No wonder the journey took so long. Well that, and the bus’s mechanical issues at the rest stop halfway through the journey. To add to the bumpy road, we also experienced the first rain burst. Luckily we were on the bus, as it was heavy. Thankfully it released the humidity, and it is no longer unbearably hot everywhere you go regardless of the time of day.

Phnom Penh has left nothing to be desired as of yet. We went for a lovely meal at a non-profit (raising money for a local orphange) restaurant. The food was lovely, it was relaxed, but it was int he middle of a dirty, and apparently unsafe city. I think this might be the only small blip on the Cambodian tour. As much as it is interesting to visit, everywhere else has been so good that it needs to step up it’s game. C’mon Phnom Penh!

Tomorrow is not likely to bring the mood boost required. We’re visiting the killing fields and the related museum. I am very hesitant about this, and I’m really only going because I think I should. The country has only recently solved many of it’s problems, so I think, especially as everyone else is going on the tour that I should to. I hope it doesn’t put a dampner on the day too much.

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