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All aboard the tuk tuk express

I finally feel like we are here,  travelling and seeing things further than a hotel room and pool. Today has been a day full of firsts and I’ve really enjoyed it.  I hope the whole 11 months are as good.

In typical British fashion,  I thought and worried about the weather a lot.  It’s lovely.  Hot but not unbearable,  muggy,  but not completely unmanageable,  and so far no rain,  even though it’s rainy season.  Result!

This morning,  when I woke up,  I had my first bite,  an absolute whopper,  so I started my anti malarials straight away.  Thankfully Bangkok is low risk.  We also had our first thai breakfast.  Many things were usual,  eggs,  sausage,  toast,  however,  it was a surprise to see spaghetti bolognese and egg fitted rice.  It was included in the hotel,  so when in Rome……(or even Thailand)

We had to move our from our hotel in backpacker land to the one for the tour start.  It’s so much nicer,  very classy feeling,  and not like a basic tour hotel (or so I thought) makes me glad we’re staying here at the end as well. There is a lot more wifi access throughout the tour than I was expecting.  Bonus Again. Anyway,  moving hotels,  we braved a tuk tuk. Everyone said it was an experience,  they weren’t wrong.b No sides, no nothing except a seat and handle.  Quicker than preferable driving,  with weaving etc. Not as bad as feared though, so glad we’ve done it.

We arrived at the hotel,  checked in,  discovered we have wifi (bonus) made full use of the pool (double bonus). Not sure I was ready to explore Bangkok with little time and no map.  We’ve met everyone on our tour and ordered our visas for Cambodia tomorrow.  I’m so excited for that! Everyone is lovely,  and our tour leader is nice,  and really helpful,  and there is a lovely mix of nationalities (british, finnish, Danish,  suiss, irish and Dutch) and ages,  and yeah,  after our first prior thai meal out,  and my first singha beer,  it seems like everyone really gets on and is going to be great. The Danish guy went on a tour before this,  and filled us in on some customs and explained how thai food is always very spicy.  Every time you order you must clarify you only want one chili – not much to them is 3 or 4!!!

Tomorrow the tour proper starts,  and we cross the border to siem reap. I can’t wait for Cambodia,  something to cross off my bucket list :). Have to do battle with a 630am departure time,  and with my anti malarial before then,  don’t want to be nauseous on the bus.  Tomorrow is the first experience of squat toilets,  which is an experience I am not looking forward to and think I’d rather miss out on,  but if that is all that is bad about this trip,  I won’t complain to much!

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