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Welcome to Thailand

So we’re here. We have arrived. Our luggage has all arrived. Everything, and everyone, is in tact, if a little tired. It didn’t seem like 14 hours flying which is always good. It’s strange that we’re finally here after all this planning.

Qatar airways is luxury, I mean, seriously luxury. I have never had so much legroom on a plane, and I don’t think the seat ever reclined as far. The whole plane journey was a Man v Food style exercise. There was so much food that when they handed out boxed sandwiches we decided to squirrel them away for later. After 2 flights worth of food squirrelling, I can say that it was worth it. I am currently posting this whilst battling the desire to sleep. (The OC is doing it’s part too.) Even the transit airport at Doha was really nice, probably the nicest, fanciest airport I have been to. It felt like ¬†celebrity could walk past at any time, well, if they didn’t have a super exclusive lounge for them to go to.

The luggage all arrived on time, and considering how many times there was a chance for the bags to go missing, it was a huge relief to see them come round that carousel. Attempting to load ourselves up with luggage was nothing short of hilarious. We looked like we were about to enter a bumper car arena! Following a great suggestion from my Mum, we are looking at left luggage at the hotel from which our starts and ends, too make moving stuff easier, and stop us carrying round unnecessary stuff. Thanks for the idea Mum! We are about to sort all the bags out. How all the stuff currently sitting on my bag once fitted into those 2 rucksacks is beyond me!

The hotel we are staying in is right in the middle of Bangkok backpacker district. It’s so laid back and different to anywhere i’ve been before, and it’s great. We are attracting a lot of attention and pestering from all the street stall sellers and tuk tuk drivers already. We had a wander, and a quick dip, in the roof top pool this afternoon when we first arrived. Yes you read that right, roof-top pool. We thought we deserved it after 14hr flying (not that it felt that long, well done again Qatar.)

The selfies of the days are starting. We were a little late with the first one so took it with a giant yellow ‘thing’ (I can’t really describe it as anything else, it was just weird) in Doha airport, and as we have had a long day, the second is in our hotel room, to prove we have arrived and are safe and well. I’ll add them when I get a chance to load them onto the computer.

The tour starts tomorrow. I think this is one of the bits I am most excited about doing throughout the whole 11 months travelling. So many of the things that I will get to cross off my bucket list will be done over the next few weeks. I can’t believe it is Angkor Wat in like, 3 days or something crazy. I am looking forward to meeting the people we are going on the tour with. We all meet at the same hotel and are going for a meal, which will be nice, a chance to get to know each other.

I can’t believe we are finally here. We started planning this last January as more of a pipe dream than a reality, but look where we are now. Bangkok. Ready to launch on a tour of a life time then throw ourselves into a new job in a foreign country. Ahhh.

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