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So, it has finally arrived. Launch is a-go. At 14:45 tomorrow, well today, depending on what time I actually press publish, I will be off on my travels. I am so excited!!! I can’t believe it is finally here. I’ve been planning this trip for over 18 months, I won’t even be gone that long.

I am sorry I haven’t blogged in a while. I didn’t really know what to say, and, well, I have been quite busy with everything to go on this trip, I have finally re-packed, and with a couple of compromises and sacrifices, got it all to fit in, I wasn’t sure it would happen earlier today but it did. Ish. I need to put the last few things into my hand-luggage, and I can leave.

Everyone keeps asking how the packing has gone, and what will I forget. It’s making me nervous, I am now absolutely convinced I will forget something really crucial. I think I have all my documents, and I have sent all the important ones to the teaching folks, and of course got copies of everything, but still. I just hope if I do forget something, that it is not important. Hopefully they will sell everything I could possibly need when I get there.


Almost all the goodbyes are done now, it’s just my direct family, and my Gran left. I am up early to say bye to Dad before he goes to work, then off to my Gran’s to say goodbye to her, and give her an early birthday present. Then it will be my brother (I said goodbye to the other with the rest of my family last weekend) and finally my Mum. She is taking me to the airport, so she’ll be the last to go before I fly. I am meeting Jade at the airport, at the check-in desk, I can’t believe that is only 12 hours away! I am totally ready to go, no apprehension or nerves anymore, just pure excitement. That’s probably how it should be right?

Books are proving to be annoying. I haven’t read quite as much as I would like this month so far, I have had other things to do don’t you know. I’ve pretty much finished Perks, and I have finished Crash, and I have been distinctly unimpressed with both. The first is badly written, and purposeful or not, I just can’t see past it, And crash is, well, absolutely crazy and inappropriate and just plain ridiculous, and I am making a pledge to never read anything by Ballard again. I never thought I would read a book that made High Rise seem either light or not messed up. He succeeded. My lovely friend Kate did by the complete works of Harry Potter for my e-reader though, and I am immensely grateful. Not sure how I would have coped for that time without them. That may be sad, but I don’t really care.

As of tomorrow, access to the internet will be sporadic, but Jade and I are hoping to take a selfie, or picture, for everyday we are away, and hopefully, I will write a post, however brief, to accompany it. And I will hopefully vlog a few of the interesting places/things to happen while I am away.

See you in 11 months Liverpool!

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