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Bout of Books – Day 3


Matthew MacFadyen as Mr Darcy
Matthew MacFadyen as Mr Darcy

11am: I stayed up a bit later than I planned last night playing on the internet (I know, I know, I should have been reading or sleeping!) Good news is, I have a fully functioning goodreads and youtube channel now. Bad news is, I am no further on with my reading count. I am going to meet an old friend for lunch, so we will see what happens later!

5pm: I had a lovely lunch and coffee with my friend,  it was really lovely to catch up,  it had been way too long! I got 20 pages further on with P + P, so I’m up to a *staggering* 278 pages.

Daniel Craig as James Bond
Daniel Craig as James Bond

11:59pm: OK so you got me, it’s gone midnight! I would have got this up before had I not been distracted by the monster spider in my room, 3rd one in a week, they’re fairly largemungous! I have hit page 300 in P + P, woop woop! I do have a confession to make – I have been cheating on Mr Darcy with 007 himself, James Bond – it’s a hard life isn’t it. I wasn’t progressing as fast with P + P as I wanted, or am accustom to, so I thought I would give this polgamous reading a go, and so far, James Bond and Mr Darcy are complimenting each other quite pleasantly. I’m only up to page 20, but that takes my total up to 320 pages!


This is quite similar to yesterday, but a Book Page Sentence rather than a Spine poem, and you can only use the first two words from the book itself. This time the challenge comes from Book Reviews from a Christian Girl.

I completely ran out of time today to complete this challenge, a little disappointed with myself for this if I am honest.

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