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Testing, Testing

Will it fit?
Will it fit?

So I haven’t blogged in a while, and I thought I should change that. I am disappointed in myself that I haven’t kept up with this as often as I would like already, but I guess I have been doing other important (well….?) stuff. Like applying for my Vietnamese visa, paying all my outstanding travel payments off, completing my travel shopping list, sorting my PADI card, getting a criminal check….you get the idea. So, to correct my recent run of not posting, I have decided that I am going to post twice today (you shall soon see why) and I am going to blog every day until I go travelling, and hopefully continue this while I am away.

Today is the day I have committed to a test pack. I need to see what will fit in my bags, what I do and don’t have room for, and what I am taking too much of. I have added a picture of the pile of stuff (that isn’t quite complete, there is stuff in the wash and also some stuff not bought yet) that has to fit in the bags I am taking on t he plane (also in the picture!)

It’s a bit of a mission impossible/bag jenga event. I shall blog after. Wish me luck!

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