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Mission Impossible is Accomplished

Test pack completeWith aplomb if I do say so myself.

Today’s test pack went a lot better than expected. That huge pile that was shown in my previous post Testing, Testing fitted into the bags I am taking abroad with me. To be specific, in ONE bag. I have surprised myself and surpassed any packing expectations I had.

This has left me worried and twitchy. Don’t get me wrong, I am absolutely made up that everything I had in that pile comfortably fitted in. I just can’t help but think what have I forgotten? I do have some stuff to go into the smaller bag, such as documents, gadgets, and a few extra clothes, but it should still all comfortably fit.

In a fit of organisation that I am not normally known for, I wrote an inventory of everything that went into that big bag. Looking back at it, I can’t see anything on there that makes me think I have left something out.

Maybe I am a super-efficient packer? Maybe I come with little baggage? Maybe I have forgotten something major?

We shall see….

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