I Like Sportz and I Don’t Care Who Knows

I know quoting a Lonely Island lyric title (I know I have changed the ‘We’ to ‘I’ for any avid Lonely Island fans) is a little bit corny, but it completely sums up my last few weeks. My blog has so far solely centred around my University education ending and moving on, and while that is all well and great, it’s not all I am about. I love sports, a ridiculously large amount. I follow a lot of sports reasonably closely, I’m usually pretty useful on a pub quiz team in the sports round, I even have a pair of sports related tattoos, so I am sure, if you take all of this information and think about it, the last few weeks have been unbelievable for me. Well, months really.

I don’t really know how far to go back with my sporting obsessions for the year, so I am thinking, brush over the fact that my favourite player became darts world champion for the first time, and that the Winter Olympics were awesome this year – especially as I was able to watch everything (the beauty of a European host city.)

I am a huge football fan. It is without doubt my favourite sport to watch, and the sport I follow most closely. I am a Liverpool fan (for anyone who doesn’t know me, and hasn’t read my bucket list, I would like to stand in front of the Kop on the Anfield Turf, and I would like to see them win the league.) This year was great, heartbreaking, but great. For the first time since I was born (my Mum always reminds me we haven’t won the league since the year before I was born) I thought Liverpool were going to go all the way, and even though we were pipped to the post by Man City at the end, it was great to see my local team back where they belong at the top of the league, and qualifying for the Champions League again.

Aside from football (I shall get onto the World Cup Later) the darts and snooker have been great. Following on from Van Gerwin’s win, my favourite snooker player Mark Selby also became world champion. I played pool and darts at University (captaining the latter team at University ladies level) so was pleased that my favourite players were finally able to win their respective tournaments as I progressed in both ‘sports’.

Last year, my NFL team (Baltimore Ravens) won the Superbowl, and it made the whole staying up until the early hours thing absolutely worth it. I watched it this year, partly because it is the Superbowl, and also because my brother’s team were playing, and ultimately went on to win. England may have done badly in the Six Nations this year, but my flatmate is pseudo-Irish, so it made for a great atmosphere in our house when they went on to win. I have stayed up to watch my favourite boxers win fights, I was so pleased to see Froch beat Groves again! It’ seriously has just been sports, work, sports, uni, sport, work, sports, sleep, sports, sports!

In tennis, Stan Wawrinka, one of my favourite underdogs (although I’m not really sure you can actually call him that anymore) won the Australian Open, and then my second fabourite tennis player Rafa Nadal won the French Open for a record ninth time. Seriously, how does that guy dominate so much on clay?! And then my favourite player (and not just because, in my opinion, he is ludicrously handsome) Grigor Dimitrov won Queens, and saw him do a lovely thing for Chris Kermode (the tournament director who granted him his first wildcard into the event when he was an unknown youngster) when he handed him the tournament winning racquet. So sweet.

In formula 1, my favourite drivers have been going strong, and are in a battle for the championship. I have gone off Lewis Hamilton a bit over the past year, and the emergence of Nico Rosberg and Daniel Ricciardo at the top of the sport hasn’t helped, so to see my three favourite drivers up there is great. I may have gone off him, but seeing him win the British Grand Prix was really great.

As you can probably tell, I have been spoilt so far, all my favourites seem to be doing well and winning. Let me tell you, this is not a normal occurrence. Even though I am an eternal optimist, my favourites don’t usually win, often not even doing that well, so it makes a very pleasant change. I mean, I always back them to win, even in the most doubtful circumstances, but it rarely pays off. It irritates my family, who always say that the reason I predict some comebacks/unlikely victories correctly is because I predict they will all happen so I’m bound to get something right. (In 2005, I still believed we could win at half-time, 3-0 to AC Milan. I think it was childish enthusiasm at the time, but I like to think it really was the beginning of my optimism in sport. I can clearly remember thinking, well if they scored three in 45 minutes, then why can’t we? And then there was the Miracle in Medinah that I wish I had placed a bet on. I told my golf mad brother and my Mum that we could do it, they laughed, but…well we saw what happened.)

Before I get onto the World Cup and Wimbledon, and the ridiculous amount of sport that has been on in the past 48 hours that has prompted the writing of this post, I would like to remind you that the Commonwealth games is due this year. Yes, despite all the sport I have watched this year, and wasted hours (I say that loosely, I would watch it all again) I have spent in front of various screens, I still get to watch some of sports most impressive athletes go head to head, just a couple of hundred miles North of where I live. I feel completely and utterly spoilt, maybe the sporting Gods know that I won’t be able to watch nearly as much sport as I would like when I am off travelling.

Now the actual thing that caused me to write this. This post has been brewing in my mind for a few weeks, since well before I had my blog. I don’t know what to watch, Wimbledon, World Cup, which World Cup match, US Open Golf, Tour de France, The British Grand Prix, it’s all so good and I have been looking forward to a lot of it – the World Cup for four years – and I don’t want to miss anything. I have become quite the expert on split-screening various events, and watching twitter like a hawk to make sure that I am as up-to-date on anything I can’t watch so that I can turn over if something interesting happens. Although I love Wimbledon (the earlier round I split screened with the football, as you can see on my Instagram) and enjoy watching the golf and racing and cycling, the World Cup comes first. It’s got to, it’s the World Cup for heavens sake. I tried to do a Fantasy Football team, but I got distracted actually watching the games and talking about them in the end. What to do in the gap between the group games was one of my friend’s favourite topics of discussion. My housemate and I developed a regimented showering, cooking, and washing up routine that we had down to a tee by the end of the group stages. I am gutted that England have done badly, but it’s been such a good World Cup overall I can’t really say I have cared that much. Making sure I watched as much as I can, and saw as many of the goals as I could has been pretty much the only thing that occupied my mind, aside from going into work, and as the World Cup has been so brilliant, I feel completely rewarded.

But to this weekend. In my house, my Mum likes the tennis, but really likes the Formula 1, so she wanted to watch Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button qualify, and then race. Fair enough. I probably just edge towards tennis when it is Wimbledon, so settled down to watch the finals, and my brother is a cycling nut, he watches the whole tour de france (as in literally every minute of every stage) so he obviously wanted to watch it set off from England. This left the available screens and screen time fairly spread. I hated picking between the events. I ended up watching most of everything I wanted to (somehow, I am still not really sure how I managed that).

And of course, I managed to watch all the quarter finals of the World Cup. As well as all the smaller, or less well known footballing powers have done, the major players are all through to the semis (surprise surprise). I still don’t know who I want to win the World Cup. As a proud England supporter, I have always been taught to dislike the Argentinians and the Germans when it comes to sport, but I like many of the German players, and I would really like to witness Lionel Messi lift the World Cup trophy. Seeing Brazil win it in Brazil would be awesome, but I don’t really like many of the team this tournament, and although the Dutch are probably my favourite team left, I don’t want Man Utd’s new manager ro their star striker to do well. Urgh, such a dilemma.

So yeah, I just had to get this all off my chest. I have been way to over-excited over the past few days, well weeks…well who am I kidding, months, so thought I would write what was meant to be a quick post about it. At least they haven’t got the World Cup Final on the same day as the Open Championship of Golf. My graduation has already been scheduled across the golf, I couldn’t cope with anything else on that weekend.

(For those who are nosey, I have a ‘YNWA’ tattoo on my left inner ankle – showing my support of Liverpool, and I have ‘Sting Like a Bee’ tattooed on the outside of my left foot – I am a big Muhammad Ali fan, and it is a quarter of one of my favourite quotes ever.)

P.S. I am sorry about my live-tweeting certain events, I just need to have an outlet for my excitement when events are on, I mean, did you watch the British GP, it was awesome; the final between Djokovic and Federer was an absolute classic, and as for the World Cup, well it has spoken for itself.

P.P.S. A hypocritical rant about social media is probably going to formulate a post in the next few days, just a warning!

P.P.P.S. Thanks for reading 🙂

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