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Feeling Whelmed

At this exact moment, I am sitting in my friend’s living room with exactly no things to do. (Well, I need to sort the bins out, and I need to pack, but they are thankless tasks, so I’m employing all powers of delusion about that.) Operation ‘UseAllTheRemainingFoodUp’ is firmly a-go, and of course there is the World Cup and Wimbledon on the TV; none of these actually fill my time completely though. Turns out University filled more of my life than I realised – even when I was sat round doing nothing over the past 3 years, I was thinking about Uni things, which basically counted as Uni work, right? Procrastination was so much more fun, and time consuming, when I had actual stuff to do with my day.

Over the past year I have accumulated a load of random food items (rolled oats, fajita mix, tuna, vegan mince, and a kilo of dry kidney beans to name but a few) that seemed like a great buy at the time, but are now sitting unused in my cupboards and freezer (to be fair, I did ‘Live Below The Line‘ for UNICEF where I needed cheap food to fill me up – if you’ve never heard of this, check it out, it’s worth doing, or at least looking into, really opens the eyes – I’ve linked the page for you!) So far, my friend and I have cooked faji-ttos (which are our attempt at mixing the best of fajitas and burritos into one glorious Mexican food-fest) and a chocolate orange flapjack (which we naturally put with Ben&Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream – because, well, it would have been rude to the ice cream to leave it in the freezer uneaten. Obviously.) I wish I had eaten this well for the rest of the year, I mean, I cook most of my food from scratch – I would say I can sort of cook reasonably well – but I have had all these ingredients there for 12 months. Sigh, of course I learn at the end of Uni.

Last night, once the World Cup had finished and the flapjack was cooling, we decided to have a quick look through Netflix, which resulted in two things: deciding that we absolutely 100% had to watch ’10 Things I Hate About You’ before we went to bed, and discovering that Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hiddleston are the same age (I realise to many this will be a. not surprising, and b. not important, but my friend and I are fans of their work, and really can’t believe that they are both 33 – they were born just 8 days apart. When did they age?) This pretty much sums up where my life is at: watching 90’s rom-coms I can almost quote verbatim before going to bed at 3am whilst juggling social media accounts.

Whilst watching, I remembered the film contains one of my favourite cinema quotes of all time:

Chastity: I know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?

Bianca: I think you can in Europe.

Whelmed is a perfect description of how I feel right now. Not overwhelmed that everything is finishing and changing, and that this is the end of the educative road for me, but I would say it is hitting me enough and i am aware of what is happening enough to not be underwhelmed. So yeah, I feel whelmed, I live in Europe, so it’s acceptable (don’t questions my poor logic!)

I’m kind of disappointed in myself for not doing anything more useful with my time since I finished my exams. I love the World Cup and Wimbledon, and until this week I had almost religiously watched every single second of the group-stages with my housemate. It’s been so exciting, goals galore, and the odd moment of controversy (as a Liverpool fan, I don’t want to dwell to long on the ‘bite’ – I’m still really pissed off with him!) I have rediscovered social media throughout the tournament (a rant about which I will probably launch into later, or another day) which is definitely not the most useful thing I could have done. As nice as it is to see what someone in Bolivia thinks about the Argentina v Bosnia match, or what my primary school friend did last week in Tanzania, I think planning for my trip, packing, or completing the scrapbook I started 4 years ago would have been a better use of my time. I did work a lot of hours and I did set up this blog, which is something I have been meaning to do for a while, so maybe I shouldn’t be quite so harsh on myself.

Right – resolution time – for the next 2 weeks before graduation I plan to get essentials for my trip bought, or at least booked, and I want to be up-to-date with my scrapbook. (Don’t roll your eyes if you stick with me and see a post in 2 weeks saying I haven’t done anything.)

I still don’t fully know what I am doing here. I finally set the blog up to reflect myself a little more, and managed to add both my Instagram and Twitter (I had to make my own widget – if you knew how technologically backwards I am, you would realise this is much more impressive than I have made it sound) so you can follow me there if you feel the urge – not really sure why you would, but it would be lovely. I haven’t found my ‘niche’ yet either, I expect, for now at least, my niche will be me. I mean, I know a lot about me, actually, I consider myself an expert on me, so I should probably stick to things I know about. I’m hoping that when I take off abroad and travel that my blog will become more about that, and actually reflect the title, but we shall see!

Feel free to stick around for the ride πŸ™‚

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